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Snails is a generic name given to animals in which possess shells and are gastropods. These animals belong to the phylum Mollusca.

Almost all the members present in the class Mollusca are gastropods and they are referred to as snails. The name snail is not only given to aquatic snails but we also have the land snails.



Land snails don’t have proper feet but they possess muscular feet which make them very strong, when these type of snails move, mucus is secreted beneath them. This mucus is a very sticky substance which slips a soft surface under the snail and help the snail in crawling.

This also prevent the parts of the snail from being hurt since the mucus reduces the amount of friction. Located on their heads is a pair of tentacles. It also has a primitive brain and a radula. They possess a well-developed shell on their backs but this shell might be absent in the case of slugs.

All known species of land snails are hermaphrodites and most of them lay eggs in the soil. Little snail’s hatches the egg with a small shell and these shell grow spirally as the parts increase in size.

Land snails have shells that are right-handed in their coiling. Vertebrate and invertebrates prey on the land snails and they also serve as a source of food to humans.


These snails are mainly found in the seas, ponds and lakes. According to research aquatic snails further have two species known as spiral and turban.

This species are 11.55mm long. The fresh water snails are not beautiful but their colleagues which have their habitat in salty water are beautiful with flecks of white and yellow. Their foot are fleshy and muscular and they function in locomotion.

They also possess tentacles. They have a defensive mechanism which aid their survival in the dry summer. These snails bury themselves in the mud and seal themselves on their own mucus. They can stay there for up to a period of 3 years.

People really do forget to think about how complex an animal can be. As they are being watched we take for granted simple things like how they sleep.

Now that snails are very common and popular in home aquariums, a large number of people would come to realize how wonderful these snails are.

The way they sleep is very unique to both the fish they live with in an aquarium and with us humans. A snail sleep cycle is very strange and weird.

The sleep cycle is completely changed during the winter period when hibernation is a necessary thing in order to avoid hunger and drought and to survive low temperatures.

For those who keep snails at home, you must definitely have noticed their strange sleeping habits. Although you should have learnt a lot about how snails sleep, a lot more things are still available for learning about this wonderful and unique creature.